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Google transformed the Internet, gathering context-sensitive information from all websites. However, we are now overwhelmed with data, relevant or otherwise with advertisers able to get to the top of Google Searches, simply by bidding high enough.

If someone is looking for Access Control, CCTV, Burglar Alarms, Fire Systems or Locksmiths in their area, they are more likely to find a specialist website useful. One that helps them search. Welcome to The Security Directory


  • By being listed here, you will be part of an organised collection of Security providers, you can show why you are different and you will be visible to the public more efficiently.
  • One lead from here will pay for several years' listing fees - although we hope that you get many more.
  • Any leads that The Security Directory receives will be sent out to Paid Listing subscribers, giving you an instant advantage over others. We are not just a Listing Directory, we peoactively help you find work and, with the Knowledgebase, draw people into the website.

Click here to sign up, today. If your Country is not listed, do not worry, choose a random one and let us know what it should be. We will add it and correct your listing.