CCTV System options

Obviously, what you need for CCTV will depend upon your own circumstances but here are some of the options to consider. Contact us to discuss your needs and we can help work with you to an appropriate solution.

Private Residences

Along with Alarms, it's becoming a bit of a Arms Race. If you don't have an Alarm or CCTV and your neighbours do, then you start to feel that you are more likely to be targetted. How true or not this is, if I was setting up my own burgling Company tomorrow, I'd definitely put non-alarmed and non-CCTV'ed buildings over alarmed and CCTV'ed ones in my Risk Analysis. But don't forget to ensure that the building is secure inthe first place. If you're burgled but you have a first-class image of a Designer Balaclava, it's not really going to help.

It's not just burglaries, of course, vandals, neighbours with a chip in their shoulder, fly tippers can all be captured. If there is property damage, even if it is down the the weather, this will aid insurance claims. This year I pulled out of a traffic light-controlled junction, into a side of a car; the driver had just not noticed thher red lights. Despite witnesses (including a PC that happened to be there), the Insurance Company dragged their heels and contested the claim. Luckily, following a (no fault) rear end shunt two years previously, I have a continuously running car camera. I sent the footage in and the third party admintted liability within a week. One of the best £50, I've ever spent.

The same goes for CCTV. If you can prove that an event occurred, any insurance claim or prosecution will progress much more smoothly with hard evidence.

Points to consider

CCTV cameras record. WIthout saving this recording to disk, it is pretty pointless. Nowadays, packages come with recorders that will save the images to a hard drive. how much is saved depends upon the number of attached cameras, their resolution and the capacity of the hard drive. You need to know total recording time as, once the drive is full, Systems will usually start to overwrite the oldest recordings first. You need a swapout plan or enough disk capacity to go back as far as you think that you will need. Some Systems have movement sensors, where it will start recording if movement is detected. (It actually continously records and buffers it so that if movement is detected, it can save the recording from just before the movenet starts. If movement is not detected, the olders part of the buffer is continuously discarded.

What type of CCTV camera? Black and White or colour? Infrared cameras that will pick up heat at night (you can get combined Visible / Infrared that have Infrared LEDs to 'light' the area up. Indoor or outdoor? Vandal resistant / proof?

Wired or Wireless? Wired is the most reliable option. Wireless is the easier of the two to install, but locations bust be carefully considered to ensure that everything is in range and default passwords must be changed to prevent hacking by a passing WiFi reciver. (This applies to some extent if they are connected to an Internect-connected Network).